The tease of mid-February

The days are growing longer and the sun can be deceptive in its brightness and warmth through south-facing windows. But when you run outdoors in flip flops to get the mail, the fact that it is well below freezing becomes immediately apparent. Back indoors — where the warmth makes my glasses steam up and the wonderful smell of braising short ribs fills the air.

I should be doing what my family calls “work-work”  (the kind that pays the bills) rather than starting a blog. But after being distracted on a daily basis by blogs that come to me via an RSS feed a thoughtful intern set up for me last summer, I decided it was time to contribute to the conversation. I’ll probably talk about cooking and local food treasures near home as well as from my family’s travels.

Sea salt and molasses are cooking ingredients but also evocative of what I like to think of as my New England heritage. I’ll never be a true New Englander because even though my family settled in New Hampshire in the middle of the seventeenth century, I was born in…gasp…New Jersey. But it is in my bones and I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life anywhere else.

So welcome to my corner of the country.


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